Thursday, August 30, 2012

... And we're off!

The idea behind this blog is to catalog my progress as I delve into the deep, sexy, world that is creating your own cosmetic line. For me this world deals primarily in nail polish. Mmm, fumes. That's right- I'm a gal trying to elbow her way into the indie nail polish community. Interestingly enough from what I can gather from my many hours of diligent research(as in "the internet") it's actually a fairly welcoming and diverse community. One that I honestly hope I'll make a name for myself in. With that said, I've spent the last month working on the first color for my premiere collection. The past two days in particular being the busiest as I finally felt the color was ready to be bottled. So without further stalling I present "No Name Brown"; thus named because it does not, indeed, have a name yet. Lol.
Oh yeah. Look at those bottles. Aren't they just the sexiest? I wanted to be sure to include indoor, sunny, and shade images; just so you could get a feel for what it looks like in the bottle under all forms of light. Better yet, though- I then swatched it! Yay!

This is one coat and no top coat in direct sunlight.
One coat and no top coat - Shade.
Two coats and no top coat - Sunlight
Two coats and no top coat - Shade
Two coats w/ one coat Seche Vite - Sun
Two coats w/ one coat Seche Vite - Shade 

I'm not going to launch into the formal or reviewing my own color, as that just seems vain and unnecessary. However, I totally wanted to share and get thoughts from the internet at large on my first creation! Are any of you indie polish makers or interested in starting? I'd love to find out.

 Love and pretty polish to all of you,

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