Thursday, December 6, 2012

Oh it's been so long.

I have a secret to admit.

Are you ready for it?


I fail at the internet.
It's true! I fail utterly. That is not an excuse, however, for my absence.
There is no excuse- So let me start things off with some news!

I've been working diligently on what will be my premier collection of nail polish colors and after months of testing and fidgeting and even failing a few times; I am ready. The final step is completing the graphics I will be using for the blog(so be ready for a new look) and the logo for the label. That's it! Eeee! I am so excited and can't even begin to tell how nervous I am. There have been a lot of sleepless nights and tears shed over this, but it's going to at least be something and if it doesn't end in complete failure then I will call that a win. After that it's only uphill and lots of trucking on.
Previously I've posted pictures of what I've made, and the other colors will be no exception. Keep all eyes peeled(ew) for those in the next few days well!

The other bit of news I've got is not as exciting, I will admit, but pretty darn cool nonetheless.
I've received my first VoxBox since the Influenster revamp. Yup, my Cosmo Fall 2012 box arrived today. Let me say, it is magical. What girl doesn't enjoy opening a box of free stuff? Especially when that free stuff is a new disposable razor, a full bar of chocolate, lovely perfume, and some pens? Did I mention I get to review all of it? Me.
I love giving my opinions on things. I do it without people asking! So getting awesome stuff and then getting to be my regular ol' loudmouth self is just icing on the cake.

So, tomorrow I will have pictures of all the neat stuff I got and my thoughts on each item. I can, however, officially state that this bar of chocolate is my Knight in Shining Armor. Forever.

Love and pretty polish to you all,
Adaira <3